Natural Bamboo Diffuser

How to operate the bamboo diffuser?

  • 1. Position the Bamboo Diffuser upright, Pull vertically upwards to remove cover.
  • 2. Connect AC adaptor power cord into the DC input  jack at the base of the Bamboo Oil Diffuser. It is suggested to route cable via track provided.
  • 3. Add water and essential oil into aromatherapy diffuser.DO NOT excess of ''MAX'' line. DO NOT use boiling water. DO NOT fill when power is on. It is recommended to add 2-3 drops of essential oil for each 100ml of water.
  • 4. Put the cover back. Spout is adjustable to guide aroma into desired direction. Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser must NOT be operated without the cover.
  • 5. Connect AC adaptor with power from wall socket.
  • 6. Press the "MIST" button to select the time of use as needed(ON continuous/3 hours/6 hours spray). The diffuser will automatically turn off at the specified time. To turn off immediately, long press the "MIST" button.
  • 7. Press "LIGHT" to switch on LED light. Brightness is adjustable through the following cycle(Bright-Dim-Off).
  • 8. It is recommended to drain water from tank and keep dry for extended idle period.
  • 9. When connecting with power, the original state of ultrasonic Diffuser is still off.
  • 10. Misting operation and light will switch off automatically when there is insufficient water, even press "MIST", aroma diffuser is also switch off automatic.

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