Hotel Humidifier

Hotel Humidifier

    Hotel Humidifier brings the feeling of fresh spring air to your hotel room, especially in winter.

    Hotel guests expect that temperature and humidity in their hotel room, in the swimming pool area and the spa to be at a healthy and comfortable level. The right level of relative humidity during the heating season improves the well-being of your guests. A relative humidity between 40 and 60% RH means a comfortable indoor climate.

    During the winter heating season, the relative humidity is often below 30%. Low humidity levels affect the well-being and health of your guests. Without humidification, susceptibility to illness and disease is substantially increased.

    The reason: aerosols containing viruses remain airborne longer when humidity is low, significantly increasing the risk of transmission, and a dry nose, throat and skin mean the body`s natural resistance is reduced.

    DITUO Oil Humidifier are commonly used to increase indoor humidity, or the level of moisture in the air. Primarily used in the winter months, due to indoor heating systems and cold temperatures lead to low humidity levels. The use of a room humidifier in these drier months can have numerous health benefits. DITUO whole house humidifier help in reducing dry skin and chapped / dry lips during the winter months.

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